Old ham shack

Photo above is old shack 2013

Brian, W9HLQ, has been a ham since 1957. He was first licensed as KN8GRZ while living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Brian began his amateur radio interest while in high school. The understanding was that a ham ticket was needed in order to use a pair of war surplus walkie-talkies which led him to study for the license. He quickly upgraded to Technician in July 1957 and General in March 1958.

Upon graduation from college, he began work with IBM in the Chicago area. That forced a move to “9” land. When applying for the required new call, the FCC reissued a “used” call in 1968. Brian, an Extra class licensee, operates all bands, 160 thru 10 meters in the HF bands, and on 450 FM. He has done satellite work with the early Oscar satellites, worked with slow-scan black and white TV. Next was a move to color fast scan TV on 430 MHz. Interest soon moved to digital interests which became upmost in his activities for years. His Illinois auto license plate is a vanity “RTTY”. He started with the Teletype model 19 teleprinter and moved to the classic 28KSR. He had paper tape hanging from the basement ceiling everywhere! Of course, now the shack is all digital with computers and digital software for the popular digital modes JT9, JT65, WSPR, MFSK, and the ubiquitous FT8/FT4.

Brian is now retired after 36 years of work with IBM and looking forward to hours of operating and fishing. Other hobbies include bicycle riding, digital photography, repairing old boat anchor radios, and maintaining several web sites. He can be found at all local hamfests and, of course, the Dayton Hamvention.

Radio gear consists of FlexRadio 6500  driving an Ameritron ALS-1306 1.2 kilowatt amplifier. The antenna is a Mosley TA-53 beam at 55 feet and various wire antennas for 160 thru 30 meters. His wife, Sharon, W9FVM tolerates his ham activities wonderfully. W9FVM was Brian’s dad’s, Frank Davis, call. Brian’s two children, Dan, an instructor-pilot and aircraft commander in the Ohio National Air Guard has his General, KI6PBI, and Suzanne, a school teacher in Saugatuck, Michigan is not licensed at this time.

A  Glen Martin tower is 50 feet with Mosley TA-53 on top. The tower also holds up several wire antennas for 160 thru 30-meter operation.

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