Ham Shack Photos

Selected ham shack and tower photos.


Above: top lateral thrust bearing made of ½ inch Teflon creating very low friction bearing.   The Tail Twister rotor below easily handles the vertical load.


Above: Mast in place – notice the grounding braid connecting the mast to the tower.


50 foot Glen Martin with Mosley TA-53 beam attached to hazer elevator on side of the tower it also supports 75-meter double Zepp fed thru a tuner to use on 75 thru 30 meters and an inverted “L” for 160-meter operation.


The base of the tower with ground straps running into ham shack. Copper block on right allows all ground radials to terminate at a common ground point.  Copper is isolated from the tower by stainless steel blocks.


Current set up

Above laptop computer running SmartSDR with Flex 6500 SDR.  Icom 756Pro II serves as a backup rig.

Dual monitor desktop computer running SmartSDR on one screen and logging program on the other.

Brian, W9HLQ

Old ham shack

Both photos above:  old shack 2013 before Flex 6500 acquired

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